Adam Rahman

Software Developer

I am an experienced Software Developer and avid beard grower.


Software Developer

Target Information Systems

Ensuring client satisfaction through web application development.

June 2015 - Present


Sheffield Hallam University

Bachelor of Engineering
Software Engineering
September 2013 - May 2018


Programming Languages & Tools


Other than being a software developer, I enjoy life as a motorcyclist and spending time in the car modification scene. During the few dry summer months we have I try to get out on the motorbike as much as possible, this often involves days out with a group of like-minded friends and the occasional ride out for a charitable cause.

There is a large car modification scene in the UK with a lot of niche groups suited for all tastes. I take pleasure in attending and showing my car at smaller local and larger national events alike.

Another of my favourite past times is 3D Printing. I find this a very satisfying hobby to have, being able to start with an idea of something to make and ending up with a finished product.